The Citrus Family Published on Referential Magazine

Update: Referential Magazine seems to be no more, so I am publishing the poem here.

The Citrus Family

The elderly satsuma knits a sweater in her rocking chair.
The teeny bopper clementines try on outfits in their rooms.
The mandarin momma grafts roses in the hot house.
The sexy citron aunties mix effervescent martinis at the bar.
The tangerine uncles discuss the situation in the parlour.
The bookish limes freak out over noxious assets reported on television.
The neo-hippie oranges improvise folk songs in the kitchen.
The hyperactive lemon boys hop sink holes in the quagmire out back.
The goth grapefruit twins demark the last gradation on the doomsday dial in the attic.
The emo kumquats make a meth lab in the basement.

My poem titled “The Citrus Family” has been published on Referential Magazine. My poem refers to the word “lemon” in Melanie Faith’s excellent article “Sifting Through: Writing a Way Into and Through Stalled Pieces.”

Referential Magazine makes interesting use of hypertext linking. The different works refer to words in other works on their site. Very fun.

Thanks Referential!