Hunting sunbird (Guantanamo cover)

The work of CCMixter user tazzista the tenias is a personal project of Manuel Herrera Usagre from Spain.  He created the project to share musical performances and to collaborate with other musicians around the world. He says “I feel very proud with the results. It is fascinating that you can do something here, in Seville, Spain, and someone else can remake it, use it, remix it and refresh it.” I am proud that he chose my poem, “Hunting Sunbird”, to remix in his piece “Hunting sunbird (Guantanamo cover).” I hope you enjoy it.

Hunting Sunbird

Sunbird rises
Flies over sea
Hunter shoots
World goes black
Dog fetches star



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3 responses to “Hunting sunbird (Guantanamo cover)”

  1. DeNel Rehberg Sedo Avatar

    Very cool. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Robin Grant Avatar

    This is great Ken! Just perusing John’s website, as I’ve offered to help him publish another book of poems, and stumbled upon this stuff.