Category: Audio

#7: Guest Mike Munro Sings Get It Together

Tonight I have a surprise, guest musical appearance by guitarist and poet Mike Munro. Please enjoy the music of the music of language and the music of the music in this piece.

#6: Listen to the Dog that Lies

A poem about a dog carcass found at the mistaken point ecological reserve while hiking.

#5: X and birch bark canoe

Two poems about the Iraq Wars and smart bombs.

#4: The Apple Picker

A poem the collapse of the Newfoundland codfish stocks.

#3: Monkey Temple Business

A poem about a ring scam experience in India.

#2: i pronoun

A poem about ego-clinging.

#1: Randy

A poem about an ex-con, a convict to be, a man who shared his stale donuts with me.