Year: 2007

#15: CCMixter Remix and Video of My Poem Randy by Gurdonark

Featuring a remix and video of my poem Randy done by user gurdonark.

#14: CCMixter Remix: the earth and it being gone by deaddragoncarcass

Featuring a remix of my poem When the Earth Is Gone done by user deaddragoncarcass. Also a deaddragoncarcass remix of a song by user Forensic.

#13: Valentine’s Special Guest Dad (John Munro) Reads Poems and Sings Love Songs

Special guest John Munro sings two love songs and reads three poems, and special guest Mike Munro reads one poem.

#12: Special Guest Mike Munro Sings Two Songs

Special Guest Mike Munro Sings Two Songs, Dancing Down the Rabbit Hole, and Heaven and Hell Blues.